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SolarLux LED Controller

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MeanWell Power Supply:
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Product Description

SolarLux LED Controller kit

Simulate the Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight

Latest Version! can adjust the max. % brightness!

Solarlux LED controller kit includes two parts: controller and driving boards. The controller has 6 channels that output signals to driving boards. Channel 1 to 4 output PWM signals (dimmable). Channel 5 and 6 output ON/OFF signals (non-dimmable). The driving boards received the signals from controller and then operate LEDs and fans. The controller controls each channel with start and end times, that can simulate the sunrise, sunset and moonlight effect.

At the start time, the LEDs ramp up from 1%, 2%, 3%.....to 100% within half an hour.
At the end time, the LEDs ramp down from 100%, 99%.....to 0% within half an hour.

For example, if you set the start time at 9am, the LED is on at 9am, it reaches 100% brightness at 9:30am. If you set the end time at 6pm, the LED start to ramp down at 5:30pm, it reaches 0% brightness at 6pm.


  • Auto or manual modes
  • PWM signal dimmable
  • Easy to use
  • No need any dimmable drivers
  • Cost efficiency
  • Extensible



  • SolarLux Controller
  • Network cable 568B
  • DC5V adaptor
  • MeanWell Power supply(optional)

You must also need Driving Boards and LEDs!









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